Palm Sunday

One week before Jesus died on the cross, He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. He’d preached for over three years and had many followers who believed that He was their Messiah and King. So, they laid down palm branches before Him, a tradition that honored a king. Yet, few understood that to be their King, Jesus had to first fulfill His purpose as their Messiah and die for their sins.

But why a donkey? In biblical times, riding a donkey was a symbol of humility and servitude. The Jewish nation had waited for centuries for their Messiah to come, and when Jesus came, He did many miracles and taught the people with authority, as if He really was God. But they didn’t understand that Jesus came into Jerusalem to die for their sins, rise again, and return to His Heavenly throne as King. They thought He would overturn the hated Roman government and be their king right then and there.

Thousands of Jews surrounded Jesus and worshiped Him that day. They sang Hosanna and praised God as the donkey stepped over their palm branches. Sadly, most of them abandoned Jesus when He went to the cross because they felt that if He really was their King, He would not have died.

The good news is that Jesus IS coming back again at the end of the Tribulation. And this time, He will be riding a white horse because He’s coming back as King to rule over the whole earth—and we, His bride, will be with Him. Praise God!

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