Laws and Love

God didn’t give us the Ten Commandments because He’s demanding and will send us to hell if we don’t obey Him. God LOVES us! His laws are to keep us OUT of hell. He gave them as a guideline so we won’t fall into the clutches of the devil who wants to kill us. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, His Spirit lives in our hearts, and as we study the Scriptures to know Him, He teaches us all truth. It’s no longer a chore to obey God’s laws; we WANT to follow them. We know that God loves us, and we love Him, and it’s our joy to do His will and be who He has called us to be!

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3 thoughts on “Laws and Love

    • I totally agree with you, Dick. It’s accepting the salvation of Christ that will keep us out of hell. What I was trying to say is that we no longer have to follow the laws or fear the law because of our love for God and obedience to study His Word and follow Jesus. His laws are written on our hearts and we obey because we love Him.

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