Were You blessed in 2020?

The year 2020 has been one that many of us want to wipe from our memories and pretend never happened. Yet, through it all, it would be unfair to say it has been all bad. Let’s not allow this year to end with the devil getting all the glory. Let’s all write down a few things that will give God the glory and help us all to realize that Jesus loves us and that He’s still in control.

My list:

1) When the fear and chaos started, God inspired me to write a book called, Rejoice! to help readers see that in spite of the bad, we have much to rejoice over. Then again, when the airwaves filled with those lives that mattered, God inspired me to write a book called, ALL Lives Matter, to help readers see that every life is precious to God. Writing these books blessed me beyond words because they brought me close to God’s heart. Praise God!

2) We welcomed a new baby boy into our family. Praise God!

3) While in a 100-mile emergency transit by ambulance to the hospital, my son’s hernia burst, damaged many of the surrounding organs, filled his body with poisons, and was not expected to live. But God brought him through with a total victory. Praise God!

4) And I got to live another year since the doctors told me in 2012 that I had only five months to live. Praise God!

All in all, I praise God and give Him all the glory because, despite all the bad things that we lived through, God brought us through them all with victory, and that’s because He loves us and He is still on the Thone!

What will you praise God for?

Please feel free to share this post so that others can see the good things that came in 2020 despite the dark cloud that hung over us. Praise God!

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