Will You Hear the Call?

Most Christians accept that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, was raised from the dead, and returned to Heaven, yet they don’t realize that He’s coming back! First, He’s going to appear in the clouds and call all believers out of this world in what’s known as the rapture. Then He’s going to pour His wrath upon this sinful world in what will be the Greatest Tribulation this world has ever experienced. The signs are all around us. We’re living in the last hour before He returns, surrounded by chaos and unrest. Yet, many Christians are not prepared because the new age religion doesn’t preach the truth. It’s not a myth; it’s not some crazy notion. We need to study the Scriptures and know what’s going on and be ready because Jesus is getting ready to call all believers Home—and it’s going to happen very soon. Are you ready?

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One thought on “Will You Hear the Call?

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