Refining the Heart

All of us have endured some tough tests in life, and many of us continue to live through them every day. We may wonder why God didn’t just heal us or set things right when we first got saved, but we need these trials to get serious about knowing God and His purpose for our lives. They force us to dig deep into the Scriptures to know Him. If life became perfect upon salvation, we would never bother to read the Bible and we’d never know God or of His love for us because we’d think that we had it made. He does not give us these struggles out of spite but out of love. God wants us to know Him and to love Him, and He wants us to be separated from the sins of this world. It’s through these trials that He can refine our hearts and draw us closer to Him. Then we’ll learn the truth and the truth will set us free and we’ll be ready for when Jesus calls us Home to be with Him forever.

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