God’s Promise/Our Hope

Regardless of what’s going on around us, we have to keep our eyes on Jesus because He is our only hope to get through it all! He will not only sustain us and protect us now, but He has given us a wonderful promise for us to cling to: He is coming soon to take us out of here so we can be with Him forever. Jesus has prepared a place for us and it will be personal and beautiful with no tears or sorrows. But most of all, we will be in His presence and filled with His peace and joy forever! God is getting ready to pour out His wrath upon all the sin and corruption of this world, so while we wait for His call, let’s be a Light in this dark world. Let’s share His truth of salvation with those who don’t know Him so they can have the joy of His promise…but we need to work quickly as we don’t have much time left to do it. God is good.

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