God is Merciful

Some people think that God is a militant tyrant who demands that we do things His way or else! But the truth is, God is filled with love and compassion for all people. It’s sin that He hates, and it’s sin that’s destined to hell for eternal punishment—and God does not want anyone to go there because it was created for the devil and his angels. God loves us so much that His own Son came to earth to die in our place and suffer the punishment for those sins so that we could be free! When people deliberately choose to follow sin instead of accepting the salvation that He gave, God has to get more serious.  Sometimes He allows bad situations to happen to us just so that we will see the Light and call out to Him. God’s mercy and lovingkindness are above what any of us can imagine, and it’s not until we are free of sin that we begin to see how great God’s love for us really is. God is good.

Have a relaxing

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