ALL Lives Matter!

People are so busy today trying to claim whose lives are more important, that they are causing a racial uprise. The truth is, God is the Creator of all people, and to Him, ALL lives matter. No race is more important than another to God, and no sin is too pronounced by any of us that Jesus won’t forgive us when we ask.

This world is spiraling quickly to its own destruction, and soon it will be under severe rulership that will be worse than any nightmare Hollywood could dream up. The Great Tribulation that the Bible warns us about is right ahead of us, and the only escape is to turn to God, ask Jesus to forgive us for our sins, and receive His Spirit. The time is at hand and Jesus is getting ready to call all believers Home—all those who have His Spirit in them—and He’s only calling once!

The only thing that should matter to any of us is where we will spend eternity. We WILL spend it somewhere, be it Heaven or Hell. God wants all of us to be in Heaven with Him (John 3:16), and that’s why He sent His own Son to earth to make a way for us to get rid of the sins that will send us to Hell. If you don’t know God, then you need to repent and accept Jesus today, and if you are saved and know someone who doesn’t know Jesus, then you need to pray fervently for their salvation. Time is running out!

We are all His creation, and so our motto should be:


John 3 16d

Please pass this message on through your own media sites so that we can get the salvation message out to the lost and encourage our brothers and sisters while there is still time. Let’s start a new proclamation and spread the word: All lives matter!

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