The best start to any day is to greet the Lord with praise, give Him thanks for the day, and ask Him to live through us so that we can be the person He has called us to be. The people of this world are hurting and scared because they are looking to the leaders of this world to bring an end to some of the problems that are weighing them down. But the world doesn’t have the answer because it is the problem!

God is our only hope and we need to share this with others. The words that come out of our mouths should be words of encouragement and inspiration; words that give glory to God. We need people to see the love and hope and peace of Jesus in us so that they, too, can receive Jesus as their Savior and be freed from the clutches of sin.  When we are filled up with God’s Words and overflow with His love and peace, we not only please God but our testimony inspires others to want to know Him, as well.

Let the Words1

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