Fear or Faith

For many of us, the time we are living in has become a panic-demic because the stability we knew has been replaced with fear and uncertainty. COVID-19 is a deadly virus and many people, sadly, have died from it so we must be wise and keep ourselves protected. Yet, we have to wonder: is it the virus that has crippled the world, or is it the fear of the unknown that has gripped us and left us vulnerable to a new way of life?

As believers in Christ, we should not be afraid of what lies ahead for this world because Jesus has told us that all these things will happen. We need to study the Bible and get God’s truth deep into our hearts so that our faith in God is stronger than our fear of the world. Jesus is coming soon to take all believers out of here so He can pour His wrath upon the evils of this world. We have nothing to fear, but everything to look forward to when our faith is in God and His promises for us.

Faith is
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