My Salvation!

When our eyes are not fixed on our problems but instead on God and His saving grace, we have peace in our heart. The world may surround us with its fear and stressful conditions but when our hope is in God, we have peace in our heart. Rumors surround us and anticipation of an uncertain future lies ahead for this world but when our trust is in God, we have peace in our heart.

God is our salvation, and that salvation is Jesus—in the Hebrew language, Yeshua. We don’t have to worry about what’s going on around us because we know that our God is still in control and He’s watching over us, His children. This world will continue to spiral towards judgment but we will keep our eyes looking up because Jesus is getting ready to come and take us Home. We have peace in our heart because Jesus is our salvation and His love for us is all we need.

In God

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