It’s Monday and I’m Alive!

There are times in life when things happen to us and we are devastated. Perhaps, it’s a financial crisis, a marital breakup, the death of a loved one or anything else that changes who we are. For me, it was a health issue. Nine years ago, the doctors said that I would not live to see another birthday, and yet, here I am! Today is my birthday and I am not only celebrating another year of life, but the One who gave this life to me.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus died on the cross in my place to take my sins away so that I could be redeemed back to God, our Father. He is now my Savior, my Lord and my King. And when cancer tried to snuff my life out, Jesus stepped in and healed my body. I’m alive today, against all medical odds, and yet, in favor of all Jesus has done. He is alive today and getting ready to call all believers Home. I’m ready and excited, but in the meantime, I’m celebrating life and sharing my gift of salvation with as many as I can.

Do you know Jesus? He is as close as the mention of His name. Cry out to Him and let Him be your Savior and watch each day of your life become a celebration of His gift.

The Lord preserves

Please share this message so that others can be blessed. The gift that Jesus has given to us is the greatest gift anyone will ever receive, and it’s my joy to share it with as many as I can, while I can. God is good.

Please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already, and remember, “Smile, because God loves you.” Have a great day…ronnie

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