Let’s Raise a Hallelujah!

When we sing praises to God, Heaven begins to invade the earth, just as it says in this song “Raise a Hallelujah!” Can you imagine how fast this virus would die if every believer who is in isolation would just shout praises out to God? Would just read their Bibles and get to know intimately, Jesus who saved them? Would sing and give glory to God for saving us and for being the Almighty who will pour out His blessings when His children praise Him?

We have an opportunity today to do something that’s never been done before. Believers across the globe can unite in praise and worship to our God! This would turn what Satan meant for bad into the greatest revival this world has ever seen.

Let’s do it! Let’s turn this sorrow into praise to God! Let’s watch God’s healing power pour out upon us. Let’s give glory to God for being the God who heals us, who saves us, who loves us so much that He’d send His own Son to die for us. Let’s Praise God!

We are in the middle of a storm. Let’s shout out to Jesus and use our praises as a weapon, and then watch Him defeat the storm. Our hope will be renewed in our praises because our King is alive! Let’s join together and raise a hallelujah!

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a really blessed day…ronnie

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