Jesus is About to Call us Home!

It’s no coincidence that the world is suffering through the plague of Covid-19, or that the locusts are taking over countries like India and Iran, or that the weather seems so out of control that hundreds are dying from horrible storms. The world is changing and will never be the same, and this virus is a global concern. The damage it’s done financially and economically is becoming a one-world issue because it affects how the entire world operates from this point forward.

We shouldn’t be surprised as it’s all prophesied in the Bible, and we are living in the last hour of the last day before Jesus calls all believers Home. Just as He took Noah away in the boat, and brought Lot of out Gomorrah, and hid the Hebrew children in the land of Goshen before He poured out His wrath, God is getting ready to do it one last time and take us out before He pours out His final judgment on this earth.

We need to be spending this time praying for loved ones and trying to reach the lost with the gospel of Christ. Time is running out. I don’t mean to be a doomsday preacher; it’s just that it’s weighing heavy on my heart, and I know that Jesus is coming soon. The trumpet sound is about to blast. Are you ready? Will you hear it?


Please share this message on your media sites so we can get the gospel out to the lost and warn people that Jesus is getting ready to call believers Home. Judgment is coming!

Thanks for stopping by! … look up because He’s coming soon… ronnie


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