Have a Blessed Good Friday!

This is the day that we honor the fulfillment of God’s promise to us, that through His Son Jesus, every person on earth could be cleansed of their sins. There is no gift more precious than the gift of life that Jesus became for us on the cross, and no love greater than the love that God has for those who choose to love Him. Jesus died for everyone, but we need to repent and accept forgiveness from Jesus, and then He becomes our Savior and we are redeemed back to God, our Father. Soon Jesus will be calling us home to be with Him forever, and there is nothing in this world that should humble our hearts more and fill us with greater joy than knowing of His amazing love for us. God is good!


Good Friday2

If this message has blessed you, please share it on your own media sites because we need to work together and get the salvation message out to as many people as we can, while we can. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed Good Friday! … ronnie

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