Tuesday’s Greeting!

Many people are wondering about the love of God that believers have been telling them about, but as this plague continues to spread, many are doubting God in every way. They are doubting that He exists, or doubting that He cares or doubting that He can or will help them. This is because they don’t know God and they don’t want to know Him except for when there’s a crisis and then suddenly, they cry out and expect God to intervene. But it doesn’t work that way.

God hears the cries of His children because they are HIS children; they have realized that they don’t want to live in sin and under this world’s god that’s taking them into destruction. They have turned from their sin, accepted Jesus as THE Savior and repented of their sins so that He could fill them with His Spirit. These are the righteous—righteous because of Jesus. These are the ones that God hears. Those who only call on Him when they need help are not the ones who love Him; they are the ones who try to abuse God’s good nature. God is still in control and He’s coming soon to take back the reigns, but in the meantime, we who know God can trust Him to love us and take care of us because God is our Father, and our God is good!

the eyes of the Lord

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Thanks for stopping by. Have a really great day and remember…
….smile because God loves you! … ronnie


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