Monday’s Confidence

With so much going on in the world around us, it’s easy to lose our way from God and get concerned and worried. But as believers, we should not be looking down at what’s going on here, but looking up at what’s going on in Heaven. Jesus is getting ready to call all us believers Home and the only things that the circumstances around should do is remind us that He’s coming soon. Whether Jesus comes today or delays, we should be at peace because our lives are in His hands and we must trust Him and depend on His protection and blessings. God is good and He is faithful; when He said that He’s our healer, He meant it; when He said that He would provide our needs, He meant it; when He said that He’s coming soon to get us, He meant it. So enjoy today, share His truth with others, and remember that God is our rock and our salvation and that He saved us so that we could be His hands and His feet for such a time as this!

In God

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