It’s Thursday!

Many of us are wondering about what today will bring as we sit in the quietness of our homes. The silence has made some of us feel isolated, and yet, it’s the perfect time to seek God! Too often, God gets pushed to the back of our lives when really, He should be the very reason we rise each morning and live each new day. This time of isolation is a wake up call from God. We need to separate ourselves from the world and seek His face by reading the Bible and praying, and being encouraged by the worship music that we can play all day long. 

Some of us are anxious for our lives to become “normal” again so we can return to our hectic schedules, but perhaps God is telling us that it’s time to be less involved with the world and draw closer to Him. Our fear should not lie in this world or what it can do to us, but in the Lord because He has promised to bless us when our heart belongs to Him more than it does to the world. Jesus is coming soon and the greatest fear any believer should have is being left behind. We need to fear God now so we can hear His call!

Blessed is everyone who

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