Welcome to April!

The greatest joy that any of us will experience is when God’s love fills our heart and gives us peace amid all the evil that surrounds us. Truly, when we delight in our Lord, He  makes the problems around us seem like nothing because we know that God is greater than anything the world has to offer. There should be nothing more important in our daily lives than to seek God’s face and know Him so that we can be faithful to do His will and obey His laws. Then we will be able to love others with the same love that He has for us, and forgive others for things they’ve done to offend us,  and pray for others and help those in need. So, let’s focus on Jesus today and let His Light shine through us so others can see His love and be encouraged to put their trust in Him, as well.


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Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! .. ronnie

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