Thoughts for Tuesday

The world is spiraling faster every day towards eternal destruction, and we are caught in the center of its gravity—or are we? As panic sets in across the world, fed by the fear that comes from a pandemic no one can stop, it’s hard to be at peace. And yet God gives us that peace when we run to Him for help and seek His protection. God is greater than this virus, and His love for us exceeds our highest expectations. So, let’s run to Him and make Him our defense. Let’s trust God when He said that He will keep us from harm. Let’s praise Him for His faithfulness because God is the answer. He WILL hide us under His wing when we make Him our defense and when we put our trust in Him and not in the world. God is good.

The Lord is my defense

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and remember, God is good! … ronnie

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