And it’s Tuesday…

We have never experienced uncertainty in life as we do today from what is circulating the world due to this virus. Every aspect of our lives is being affected and the integrity of what has been our normal is under attack. It can be scary when we take our eyes off of God and focus on what’s going on around us. So let’s focus on Jesus instead, and let’s fill our hearts and minds with the Scriptures because we need to be fed with God’s truth and not with what the world is giving out. God is our refuge and our hope, and He is our peace in these troubled times.

Perfect peace

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3 thoughts on “And it’s Tuesday…

  1. Dear Lady Ronnie,  Greetings again in Jesus’ Mighty Name!  Thank you for your daily posts! They are so inspirational!  Stay in touch with me and let me know whenever there is any thing I can do for you.Love and Prayers,  Sir George Christian 

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