It’s Saturday!

There is so much hype surrounding us about the Coronavirus that it’s causing people to panic. Stores are emptying out because people are stocking up their homes with unperishable goods just in case—and this is adding to the hysteria. There is a virus and it can be deadly, and we need to use wisdom and take precautions to avoid getting it, but we also need to stop letting fear take over our minds. We have to replace that fear with trust in God because He is still in charge, and He has promised to take care of His children when we cry out to Him. Let’s not allow fear rule over us and give the devil any more glory; let’s turn to God our Father and give HIM the glory for taking care of us. If God loves us enough to send Jesus to die for our sins, then you have to believe that He will get you through this, as well. So let’s focus on God, and thank Him and praise Him for His love and for being faithful to His word. God is good.

Spirit of fear1

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