An Amazing Opportunity!

sharing Christmas

As Christians, we are always looking for an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ with others and to give a helping hand to those in need. There are times when we have to pray diligently for God to open the ears and hearts of people so they will receive the message of salvation. Yet, there is one time of year when the Spirit of God touches people across the globe and their hearts are tuned in to Him whether they know it or not. Truly, Christmas time is an amazing opportunity to share God’s love.

It’s only a small percentage of people that actually celebrate the season to honor God and praise Him for His gift of salvation that came to us through His Son—our Savior and King—Christ Jesus. Yet, homes all over the world are filled with excitement for Christmas. Santa is often the center point of the holiday, and parties and gifts and the famous decorated tree give further glory to the day. Regardless, people feel the need to celebrate.

They may not know why they are celebrating, but they are touched by the Spirit of joy and peace that spreads throughout the world at this time of year. No one can stop it. Some will rebuke it because they refuse to participate in a “Christmas” celebration, and that’s their choice. But many more will bring out the music and the decorations and enjoy the sentiment of the season.

Some will try to put down the Christian motives for Christmas, but no one can prevent the joy that comes with celebrating the birth of Christ. Whether we say “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”, doesn’t really matter as long as what comes from our heart is pure in God’s eyes. Sometimes we have to approach people carefully because they don’t accept our reasons, and that’s fine because if we are prayed up, God will give us the words to speak, the actions to perform, and the heart to go forth in His name.

God's LoveChristmas is the one time of year when people will actually listen because almost everyone has heard about baby Jesus being born in the manger, and they are used to songs and pictures and Christmas cards that celebrate His birth. They may not know who Jesus really is, or why He came, or where He came from, but that’s okay because this is where we come in. We tell them! And we tell them the truth in love. We don’t criticize and we don’t judge; we simply tell them the truth about Jesus.

There is an overwhelming emotion that circumferences the earth at Christmas time. People aren’t as angry and are not as prone to argue. Their hearts are sensitive because the Spirit of God is moving. This is the perfect time to show God’s love to people, regardless of their culture, their religion or their negative attitude. This is a time that God has set up for us to be His witnesses! We must fulfill God’s will because God is calling His children unto salvation, and He is living through us to do it!

Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, but it’s the day when Christians as a whole entity across the globe can devote their hearts and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the fulfillment of God’s salvation plan for us. Many of us will indulge in parties and gifts, but we can also use this time as an opportunity to share with others. We can pray for the sick, feed the hungry, visit the imprisoned and help those in need. Not just in words or financial support, but actually going to the people and being a blessing to them and showing them that God loves them and that Jesus died for their sins and was raised to give them eternal life.

Matthew 25 40

This is God’s will for our lives and our incentive to fulfill at this special time of year. This is why His Spirit goes forth and prepares the minds and attitudes of the people even though they aren’t aware of it. The Spirit of Christmas is in the air, and God has given us this amazing opportunity to show Jesus to everyone we meet, to warn them of His wrath to come, and to give them the chance to receive Christ as their personal Savior.

Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and be a blessing and let God’s gift of love flow through us and show others that Christmas is about Jesus!

A Savior is born

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