Tell People the Truth

road to eternityGod tells us to love everyone regardless of culture, status or lifestyle because His Spirit lives in us and God loves everyone—so we need to love everyone, as well. New Age Christianity says that loving people means accepting their actions and lifestyles because we are all one big family to God. However, we are not one big family; we are either sinners who belong to this world or we are forgiven and belong to God.  There is no compromise and it’s our responsibility as God’s children to tell the people of this world the truth!

There is so much unrest throughout the world and it gets worse every day. Be it politics, disease, deception or ungodliness, the populous as a whole is heading down the road to destruction. Matthew 24 records Jesus telling us about the signs of things that will happen around us right before He returns—and these signs are so evident of the fact that we are living in the final days. As believers, we must work diligently to share the Gospel with as many as we can while we still can.

Our lives should be a testimony of who we are in Christ. We should live as holy a life as possible, and that means that we spend time in prayer and worship, and we study the Scriptures to know God so we can be prepared for what’s coming. We won’t be perfect, but the Holy Spirit in us will keep us in God’s will when we are surrendered to Him. Our desires and interests can’t take priority over God’s will for us which is to focus on leading people to the cross and warning them that Jesus is about to call us Home.

seek the Lord1It’s time for us to stop trying to fit into the world because this isn’t our world and we do NOT want to fit into it! We need to lead people OUT of it and into God’s Kingdom; we need to help others see the goodness of God and the provisions He has made for those who love Him. We are living at the end of the last days before the return of Jesus, and if we look around we can see that truly, the Great Tribulation is just ahead. But before that, Jesus will call us out of it all to be with Him and escape the judgment that He’ll pour out during the Tribulation.

God loves everyone, but only those who accept Jesus as Savior will be changed and have the heart to follow Him. We love everyone, but just as God hates their sin, we must also hate it. We don’t judge them, don’t mock them and don’t criticize them but rather, we show love and respect towards them and we pray for their salvation and we treat them as God would treat them. How is that? He loved them enough to die for them. We must love them enough to not be ashamed to tell them the truth.

If someone we loved was about to get into their favorite car to drive down a steep and dangerous road and weren’t aware that it had no brakes but we knew, wouldn’t we tell them? Of course we would. We would tell them and not stop until they understood the truth, and if they didn’t believe us, we’d beg them to listen to us and to check for themselves. We would not be able to just let them go knowing full well that they’d be killed. This is how we need to treat the lost sinners because they are on a road to judgment and eternal hell and we HAVE to tell them the truth so they can get off that road and turn to Jesus.

God loved us so much that He came to earth in a human body to take on our sins and die in our place so that we could be redeemed back to Him. There is no greater love than this! He knew the path we were on and He knew that we would be judged for the sin in us and He had to do something so that we wouldn’t die. Jesus was mocked, ridiculed, beaten, stripped naked and nailed to a cross. He didn’t turn back out of fear or embarrassment because His love for us was higher than anything else in the world. If Jesus could love us this much, surely we can love others and tell them the truth.

day or hourThere is no time to get embarrassed to speak up. There is no time to put things off until tomorrow because we don’t know if there is a tomorrow. What we do know is that Jesus is getting ready to call His saints Home and then our opportunities to get others to the cross will be over. That means that people of the world will be left behind to survive the terrifying political and religious crisis that is coming and has already begun on this earth. And that also means that those loved ones of ours who didn’t find Jesus will be part of that tormenting tribulation and we will likely never see them again.

We can’t let this happen. We need to do more than just accept people and love them for who they are now. We need to share the truth with them, that Jesus can save them from their sins and that He has something better for them. He could come any minute, any day. We don’t know when, but we do know that it will be soon. Many of us would love it to be right now, but when we realize that loved ones aren’t ready, we pray for their salvation and ask God to present opportunities to them and send laborers across their path so they can be saved.

If we really love someone, we need to forget our own issues, not be embarrassed and not care how foolish we may appear. If we really love them we will tell them about Jesus and about His salvation. We’ll tell them about Him calling us Home in the rapture and about the celebration we’ll have in Heaven with Him, and about our return with Him to rule over this world for a thousand years.

We have so much to look forward to, and so many people yet to tell. Let’s be the peculiar people who Christ has called and be the watch-people on the tower who freely talk about Jesus and who fervently warn them of what is about to happen on this earth. Loving people comes naturally to us, but we need to bring them to salvation and warn them of what’s ahead. We need to tell them the truth…NOW!


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