I Am NOT Ashamed!

I am not ashamed1

Many people claim to be Christians but few ever talk about their faith. They will go to church, pay tithes and even attend social events with other Christians, but outside of the church building, they keep their Christianity to themselves. We are children of God and Jesus is our Savior, and we should not care about being different or looking foolish! As for me, I will proclaim the gospel of Christ to whoever and whenever I can because I am NOT ashamed of the gospel of Christ.

Jesus is getting ready to return to earth. He came the first time as a humble man to become the Lamb of God who would take away our sins. Those of us who repent of our sins and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and turn from this world to follow Him are saved from judgment and will live with Him throughout eternity.

Jesus is coming a second time as a husband to get His bride the church, but only those who are saved will see and hear Him as He calls us to meet Him in the air, an event that we refer to as the Rapture. When we read the signs of the times that Jesus tells us about in Matthew 24, we realize that we are living IN these times and that this event could happen literally any day.

Jesus is coming a third time seven years later as King to judge the whole world and rule over it. He is the King who the prophets spoke of in the Old Testament and His timing is perfect and right on schedule. The land of Israel is currently fulfilling all the prophesies and the end of day events are coming to pass faster than we realize.

Some false teachers claim that Christians can live their best days now, but if they knew the Bible and knew Jesus, they’d realize how evil their lying words are. This may be the best days they’ll ever have but for the real believers, our best days are ahead of us and they will last forever. We are just passing through this world and our job here and now is to share the gospel of Christ with as many as possible so we can bring as many souls as possible into God’s Kingdom while there is still time. When He calls us to meet Him in the air, the opportunity to preach the gospel will be over, so we need to work and pray as hard as we can now!

denyWe need to stand out in the crowd and let the world know who we are. This is no time to be shy or worse, hide our true identity. We are who we are! We are children of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus into an eternal Kingdom with God. The time of our bodily redemption is so close at hand that it’s almost scary. Why? Because there are so many yet who don’t know Jesus—family members and friends—and if they don’t accept Jesus as their Savior, they will die lost!

We need to be watchmen (and women) on the wall and warn people of what’s up ahead for this world. There’s a tribulation coming that will beat anything Hollywood could dream up for horror, and we need to make people aware of it. We can’t sit idly by like passive wannabees and say nothing when the souls of so many are hanging in the lurch. We need to hate sin as much as God does and call it out for what it is—sin!

  • Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!—Isaiah 5:20

Many people will mock us and others will ignore us and many more will call us “haters”. But we can’t stop speaking the truth out of embarrassment because if even one person hears us and repents and turns to Jesus, it would have been worth it all. People are watching us; our lifestyle and our words and actions speak loud, and our testimony will stand firm if we spend time in the Scriptures and in prayer so that we can know God’s will and follow His Holy Spirit who lives in us. We are God’s ambassadors on this earth.

Sadly, many “Christians” refer to God as “the guy upstairs” or the “man in the sky”. They won’t call Him by name or even refer to Him as “God” because it’s embarrassing for them. But if they truly loved God, they would not hide His name or try to cover up who they are. They wouldn’t say that they’re praying to “the heavens” or the “universe”. They wouldn’t credit angels for their blessings. Instead, they’d be bold and give thanks to God, and be proud of who they are.

There are two worlds on this earth and each has a master; we belong to one or another. We either serve Jehovah God or we serve the god of this world. We are children of God or sinners who need the salvation of Christ. If the sinners can so boldly and proudly display their despicable acts of sin in front of us, why can’t we show our love for God to them so they can know the truth and be saved?

As Christians, believers in Christ, our first love is to God and there is nothing else in the entire world that should come before that love in any part of our lives. We are His children; we are thankful to be saved out of this world of sin; we are looking forward to being with Him forever, and we are waiting for His return! In the meantime, we stand for Christ, our Lord and Savior. I love the Lord and I am NOT ashamed!

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