Letting Ignorance Rule


Hosea (2)

Modern-day “Christianity” says there are several ways to get to Heaven and that we must each find which one is best for us. Universal religion says that we are all automatically saved so we can just live in sin and enjoy life. However, the Bible says there is only ONE way to get to Heaven and that is by receiving Christ as our Savior, and there is only ONE way to live and that is to follow Him. Eternity is a long time, so let’s not allow ignorance to rule our lives and dictate our future.

The condition of every human heart is one of sin against God, and this began when Adam first sinned against God in the Garden of Eden. His disobedience forced God to take away His presence because sin cannot come before God without being destroyed. And this sin is inherited by every child born after that. God loved Adam and Eve and all of their children, and so He made a way for us all to be redeemed.

For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.—Romans 5:19

God planned from the onset to leave Heaven and come down to earth to live as a man and die as a human sacrifice for all people. Why? Because the sin of man was against God and so only God could forgive them. But there was no one Holy enough on earth to take on our sins and remove them from us. The only solution was for God to send Jesus so He could become that sacrifice for us, and so He orchestrated the salvation plan and prepared Him a body.

Romans 3 23We are all sinners. This is a big issue for some people to admit. Many think that because they haven’t committed some terrible sin that God will accept them as they are. Others believe that they aren’t sinners because when Jesus died on the cross all of their sins were forgiven. This ignorance has blinded them so much that they can’t tell good from evil anymore, and so they engage in their own rules and truly believe that it’s okay to just live any way they please.

We all need to repent. If it were possible for us to live a perfect life—that is, not break a single one of the Ten Commandments even once throughout our entire lifetime—then we wouldn’t need to repent and we wouldn’t need a Savior. But this is impossible because we have all sinned; some more than others, but it only takes one sin to be separated from God. This is why Jesus came and died in our place, and why we need to repent.

Ask Jesus to be our Savior. He will cleanse our heart from ALL sin, and then He’ll give us His Holy Spirit to live in our heart. Christ’s pardon takes us off of death row and puts us guiltless into the land of the living. Then He writes our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. We have been redeemed back to God, saved from the wrath that God is about to pour upon the earth.

follow meLive for Christ. This is where some people panic! They don’t want to give up some of their sins or their sinful lifestyle, or change anything. Salvation isn’t a free pass to sin; it’s a pardon FROM the punishment OF sin. We have to turn from sin and this may mean changing sinful habits, friends, and even lifestyle. The good news is that if we are truly saved and if God’s Spirit lives in us, then we won’t want to do anything again that includes sin. We will lose our desire to sin because our heart will want to please God. We will become like Jesus—hate sin and love only the things of God.

Read the Bible.  We need to know God who loves us so much that He left His throne in Heaven to become a man and die a brutal and horrendous death on the cross for us. The Bible was written by men but only under the inspiration and guidance of God. It is not contradictory as some people claim. The fact is, only those who have God’s Spirit in them will understand what God wrote. A person from the world will not receive the revelations hidden within the pages. That’s why to a believer, the Scriptures are life!

Obey JesusFollow His example and His words of instruction. Apostle Paul sets out the conditions for a pastor or church leader. He tells us how to treat people, the importance of doing good works and the need to worship God. We can’t improvise our ideas or assume that change is okay, because it isn’t. God does not change. We need to learn to obey what God has set out for us. Today’s Christianity accepts sin and promotes those who engage in it. You cannot be a sinner and serve God at the same time. You either follow Christ or follow the devil. You need to choose which master to serve, but you can’t serve both. And those who think they can are making a mockery out of God’s ways and God will not be mocked.

Be a testimony of God’s love and grace. We must be so filled with His love for people that we take on the mission of Jesus and tell them about the salvation He has provided, and that they must accept it personally. We must warn them that Jesus is getting ready to return and that they need to repent TODAY. We can’t let our own pride or fear of being persecuted get in the way. Souls depend on us to obey Jesus and tell them the truth.

Jesus Christ is our Messiah, our Savior and our coming King. There are so many good things ahead for those who love Jesus and who live for Him. Don’t let the things of this world blind you into following a lie. Eternity is a long time to spend in an evil presence without God. We won’t be able to cry before Him at the Judgement Seat and say we didn’t know. We do know; many of us just don’t want to change because we’d rather live our way and hope for the best. Let’s not be so foolish that we let our ignorance dictate our future.

Joshua 24 15c

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