The Night the World Changed

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Most of us have memories of a special day when our world changed and everything became new! Maybe it’s your wedding day or the birth of your child. Perhaps it was a devastating event that left you humbled or lost and your life has never been the same since. Whatever that day was, it cannot come close to that one night that changed the world forever!

That night was the one when Jesus was born!


His birth on Christmas Eve is the most significant event this world will ever experience until Jesus returns again. God left His throne in Heaven to come and live on this earth in the body of a man! He had made a promise thousands of years earlier to Abraham that He would send a Savior to take away the sins of His children, and God was faithful. So faithful, in fact, that He was that Savior!

God had sent prophets to His children to teach them and encourage them to follow Him, turn from sin and live in obedience, and then wait for the Savior who would come and forgive their sins forever. Unfortunately, most of the people didn’t heed to God’s instructions and they consistently chose sin over Him—and they were lost to the wickedness of this world. This grieved God! He does not take pleasure in people dying in sin because He is the one who spoke judgment against sin, and God knows where the lost will be sent because of their sin.

But on that one glorious night when Jesus was born, God’s promise was fulfilled. He came to earth, born of a virgin woman and was raised just like any other Jewish boy. The difference, though, was that this child was entirely God’s. Mary was his earthly mother who would deliver Him as a baby and care for Him as He grew up, but she did not contribute to His conception. This was God’s Son! And He had come because He was the promised Messiah; the Savior for all those who chose God over sin.

The world changed that night! Up until then, Satan ruled with confidence because to him, the world was his. Every time someone threatened his leadership, that devil stepped out and destroyed the people. He brought in new evil kings to rule over them and he lured them endlessly into the worship of false gods. He even had many of the prophets killed who came to give warnings of God’s judgment and to plead with them to turn back to God. Satan did everything in his power to stop Jesus from being born, but he could not! God’s plan was perfect and it would be carried out right on cue regardless of what the world did to try to stop it.

Jesus is born

The night that Jesus was born was the night that Satan lost his domain over this earth. Jesus was born, and He had come to be the salvation of the world. Those who had already died had passed on with the hope of the Messiah in their heart, and so when Jesus died on the cross and was raised from the dead, those faithful men and woman rose after Him. Those who died after the Resurrection and had been saved and filled with God’s Spirit, are also now with Jesus. And for us who are still here and believe, we have that hope that when we die, we will go to be with God forever, as well.

We are so blessed because we are born again and have God’s Spirit living in us, teaching us and leading us through life. The Old Testament believers didn’t have that personal connection with God; they lived in obedience and in the hope that one day the Messiah would come and redeem them.

Jesus our Messiah came! But He didn’t stay inside a human body long because His purpose was to take on our sins so that He could die a sinner, and pay the punishment in hell for our sins. But He didn’t stay there. He rose from the dead and returned to Heaven to once again, sit upon His throne.

The world changed that night because up until then, God’s Spirit did not live upon the earth—God withdrew when Adam and Eve sinned. So for all those years up until Jesus came, the earth was covered in darkness—in evil led by the devil. But Jesus changed all that. God was back! And when Jesus returned to Heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit to live in those who would receive Him as Jesus (Yeshua) the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Messiah to those who believe!

That night when Jesus was born, light came into the world and pushed back the darkness!lightJust imagine what it would be like to live alone in a cold, black basement with no heat, no light, no one to hold you or encourage you or to make you feel safe from the demons that scuttle around you and bring tremendous fear upon you. Imagine the depression and hopelessness, and the fear that would smother you every day with no hope of it ever changing.

But then one day, light comes into the room! You’re dirty, your hair is filthy and in knots, your teeth are black from rot and your eyes are swollen from tears. But through those tears, you see Jesus standing there, pure white and clean. He smiles at you, opens His arms to you and tells you to come to Him. You fall into His embrace and for the first time, you feel safe; you feel peace. You sense His love, and as you look around, you see the evil but you’re no longer afraid. You are with Jesus now and nothing else matters. You’re suddenly warm and clean, and that evil dungeon is no longer your world. You live with Jesus in His perfect world where He is the light. Jesus saved you and you are forever grateful.

Jesus is our Messiah, our Savior!  He was born on Christmas Eve and His miraculous birth brought light into this dark world. God’s promise of a Savior was fulfilled, and that night, the world was changed forever!


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One Glorious Night

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