Walking with Blinders

man-with-blindersToo many Christians prefer to ignore sin rather than take a stand against it. Is this what Jesus told us to do? How can we share the gospel or be a witness of God’s love or of His saving grace if we don’t get out there and tell the world that sin is wrong? How can we bring souls into God’s kingdom if we walk with blinders on because we don’t see what’s around us?

We are living in a very crucial time in history. Jesus our Messiah is about to return as King, and He’s going to judge the world. Many people are going to stand before Him and face eternal damnation because they don’t know God. As well, many Christians are going to have to answer to God for not getting out there and helping to spread the truth so others could get saved.

The days are gone when we just hide away in our homes, go to church on Sunday’s and enjoy the blessings of God. The world is in a mess and it’s getting worse every day. Why? Because the devil knows his time of corrupting God’s world is almost over and he’s working in high speed to do as much damage as he can in the time he has left. He knows that King Jesus is about to return and kick him off his throne.

He hates God and he doesn’t want anyone to know God. He definitely doesn’t want anyone to know that Jesus is God’s Son who came to earth, took the form of a man, and then died on the cross just so He could take your sins and my sins to Hell. And he doesn’t want us to know that on the third day Jesus rose from the dead and returned to Heaven where He’s prepared a place for those who love Him. If people learn this, then they just might want to serve the God of Heaven more than him, and the devil just won’t let that happen.

Jesus provided salvation for every person ever born, and each person who accepts His salvation has their sins forgiven and won’t be judged by God for their sins because they won’t have any sins in them. God is going to judge sin. No one wants to be found with sin in them, and yet, many people will be—and they will be shocked!

God says in Matthew 25:30 that there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. The devil has deceived so many people into thinking that as long as they acknowledge God and believe in some parts of the Bible, they are saved. Many churches don’t preach Christ, but instead, have turned Jesus into a superhero who is all love and just wants to bless them. This is so wrong because unless we learn the fullness of Christ and the sovereignty of God, and unless we study the Bible to get this truth deep into our soul, chances are that we aren’t saved. Sin is still in us and judgment will come.

Titus 1 16As Christians, many of us don’t want to talk to people about truth. We figure that as long as the people believe in something, then they’re okay. But they aren’t okay! If Jesus is not their Lord and Savior, then they still have sin in them, and sin has one destination—judgment and then Hell. The thought of this should grieve every Christian.

We must take off the blinders and see what’s around us. We need to share the gospel of Christ, and we need to bear all the fruit of the Spirit that was in Jesus. We need to walk in love and not judge anyone. No one! Jesus told us to preach the gospel. It’s up to the person to receive it, and it’s up to God to be the judge. We are to discern doctrines according to the Scriptures to know if they are of Christ, and we are to discern the preachers to see if they are of Christ, but we are not to judge anyone.

Christians need to follow Jesus and live with the same integrity and holiness that He did. God’s Spirit lives in us, and He will give us the power to stand up and speak the truth—but we have to get out there and be willing and ready. We can’t sit by and just accept sin around us; we need to speak against it. Call sin what it is—sin! But many don’t want to stir the waters or have others not like them. Well, they’ll like you a whole lot less when they get sent to Hell because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Our job is to plant the seed—speak the truth, live the truth, walk in the truth—and then God through His Spirit will bring circumstances to that person to bring him or her to their knees and call out to Him. But how will the person know what’s wrong if we don’t tell them? The world certainly isn’t going to do it. We can tell people with a heart of compassion that sin is wrong. We don’t need to shout or hammer them into the ground. Soft words turn away wrath and even cause the person to listen to us.

  • How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? —Romans 10:14

Jesus our King is about to return. We don’t want to be wearing blinders and miss Him when He comes. So let’s not wear them now when He’s asked us to go out and be His witness in a world that needs to know that sin is wrong, and that needs His saving grace and mercy!

  • But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven.—Matthew 10:33

stand with God

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