Crumbs Under the Table

crumbs screenMany people in our country will go hungry today or will suffer from lack of money or needs to get through the day. And many more in the third world will starve and die from poverty. But sadly, in our ignorance, many of us will choose not to see or care about their needs and we’ll just throw out the crumbs that are under our table.

We have been trained from childhood to work hard and push toward our goals. And so many of us believe that we deserve the good things we have in life because we have earned them. And many of us out of greed will look away when we see a poor person asking for alms because we feel that they don’t deserve our hard-earned money.

But we must help those in need, not look away. We read in Luke 12:48 that to those whom much is given, much is expected. If we are blessed with more than we can use this day, then God expects us to share our abundance with those who don’t have it.

None of us deserves anything good. We are all sinners, and if we are Christians then we are saved by the grace of God; we are saved from the punishment of sin because Jesus took those sins from us and paid the punishment for them on our behalf. We didn’t deserve it, but this is how much God loves us. And we don’t deserve riches, but again, God loves to bless His children.

God takes care of us. He supplies all of our needs; He heals us when we’re sick; He protects us when we’re in danger; He blesses us with the desires of our heart when we love Him as His child. When we are Christians, we belong to His family, and we are all brothers and sisters.

And as brothers and sisters, we must take care of each other. We must share what we have, and not take credit or infer how great we are for sharing. We do it to others with the same love that God does it to us. We don’t worry about what we are giving up, but we take joy in how others are being blessed by our giving.

Dont worry

God doesn’t want anyone to die lost. He created us to live forever with Him. And the only reason we’re separated from God now is that Adam, who was once perfect and without sin, was tempted and chose to indulge in sin, ultimately corrupting the entire human race with sin. But God created a second perfect Son to redeem us back, and that is Jesus. And if we will receive Jesus as our Savior and our Lord, then we are one with God again.

And when our heart is one with God, then our focus becomes one with His, as well. And we will have the heart for those who are in need, and we will share whatever we can, and do whatever we can do to make sure that other people can know God and have their needs met.

Jesus told us to feed the poor, pray for the sick, and share our wealth with others. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. In everything we do throughout our day, it should be according to God’s will and to His glory. So, how do we give to others?


We can be part of the benevolent charities at church or in our community. We can send money to missionaries; we can find a Godly ministry and support them; we can become volunteers in a hospital or an old age home; we can keep our eyes and ears open and always be ready to help with the needs of others, both in our own neighborhoods and in impoverished countries.

No one knows what our future holds except God. We can’t be like the rich man in the Bible who kept all he had to himself so he could retire rich, because he never lived long enough to enjoy any of it.

So perhaps instead of investing our money in the world now so we can reap savings when we retire,  we should invest our money in God’s kingdom and help others now so they can know His love through us. Because each soul we bring into His kingdom is worth more than all the treasures of this world.

you did it to me


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