Bring Down the Fire!

There is a wayRecently, an interview with the supposedly Christian pastor, Carl Lentz from the NY Hillsong Church was released. He gained a lot of attention when he refused to call sin what it is—sin. He prefers to preach a message that pleases his congregation and keeps them coming back. But this world doesn’t need happy people that prefer a false gospel. It needs Christians to preach the truth and bring down the fire!

Christianity is not a compromised lifestyle or a religion that worships or caters to the god of this world. But sadly, false preachers and doctrines are deceiving millions and they don’t even realize it.

Sin IS sin! Whether we want to accept it or not doesn’t matter—if God says it’s a sin then it’s a sin! It doesn’t matter what the preacher says about it. He can approve anything, accept anything and promote anything, but that doesn’t change what God said. And if we don’t know what God said is a sin, then we need to get into the Bible and find out. Exodus 20 tells us what God calls sin. And verse 13 says it loud and clear, “Thou shalt NOT kill”. No options, no choice, and no acceptance. Abortion is murder, and murder is a sin. And the wages of sin is death—regardless what the new age pastors say.

But many people don’t want to hear these laws; they don’t want to have to change who they are. So they find a church that sings about God and where their lifestyle is accepted. They fit in because it’s not the old-fashioned church that’s hung up on the laws of Moses. It glories in the newfound concept of Christianity and the good life that makes everyone happy and free—now.

Mega-churches are bringing in thousands of people because they don’t preach the true gospel. No conviction, no repentance, no salvation. They are all about money and power—just like the Pharisees in the time when Jesus walked this earth. They base their gospel on human feelings and convenience, and not on the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

Draw near to GodWhen the pastor is as ignorant of God’s word as the people who just want to sing and shout and celebrate who they are, then there is a big problem. When the people aren’t taught that they are sinners in need of a Savior, and don’t realize that Jesus actually died on that cross to save them from the punishment of their sins, then they are deceived. When they are taught that God loves them and accepts them just as they are, without repentance or change or commitment to Him, then they will die lost.

Unless the full gospel of Christ is preached—a gospel that declares Jesus came from Heaven, became a man and died on the cross for our sins and then rose on the third and is alive evermore, ready to return as king—that church does not know God. Unless it preaches against sins like abortion and homosexuality and declares that we must repent and turn away from sin, then it’s a false church and headed in the wrong direction.

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.—Mark 16:15

Billy Graham preachingWe need more preachers like Billy Graham to preach the old-fashioned fire and brimstone message! And we need Christians to become aggressive with the gospel message. This land needs a revival—and soon! Jesus is getting ready to return as King to rule this world, and there are many people around us—family, friends, neighbors, colleagues—who need to hear the truth before it’s too late. Not a watered down, compromised message—but the truth!

We need to be compassionate people who don’t judge and who remember that we were once on that same path. We need to be loving, forgiving, and understanding, BUT we need to preach the truth to them. Their lives depend on us!

God is not spiteful or mean; He doesn’t take joy in anyone going to hell. He doesn’t want anyone to go there! But they will if they have sins in them because their sins will condemn them to it. Years ago sin was judged and sentenced to hell along with the devil and his angels. And anyone who has sin in them is going to join them in hell on Judgment Day. That’s why God sent Jesus to take our sins away so that anyone who accepts Him will be saved from this judgment. Yes, God grieves for every lost soul.

AgingThis is why there is such an urgency to preach the truth! God doesn’t want a single person to go to hell, but if they refuse Him, refuse to hear the truth because they are content being deceived by false pastors, then it could happen. And so it’s our job to do all we can do to share the truth, preach the salvation message and win souls for the Kingdom of God! We may be mocked, ridiculed and persecuted, but so was Jesus! Time is running out, and we need to stop with sugar-coated religion and start preaching and living in the truth.

So, let’s get out there, preach the gospel of Jesus and bring down the fire! People’s souls depend on it!

I love them





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