The Signs of the Times

my waySome of the props we have learned to depend on in life are signs. These are signals that prepare us for something ahead and we use them for every facet of life including sports, business and economic change, social influence and of course, the weather. But we don’t read the signs that are most crucial to us. We are living in a time of prophetic signs and we need to heed to their warning while we still can.

The prophets in the Old Testament spoke of the times we’re living in today. They warned us of the very things that we stress through in life every day. And these warnings weren’t given just to let us know how bad things are going to get. They were given to warn us that when we see these things start to unveil, we should look up because Jesus is about to return! The signs of the times we live in are to prepare believers to get ready because our King is coming.

  • Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.—Luke 21:28 NKJV

Immorality—the reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah—has become the god of this world. People live in it, love in it and die for it. And because of immorality, we have changed the laws that God gave us to suit our own desires. So now the law in Exodus 20:13 that says we should not murder has become outdated for this modern world and murdering unborn babies is perfectly legal. God said in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that our body is sacred; it’s the temple where His Holy Spirit will reside when we receive His salvation. And yet people worship their body and have sex gender changes that the law has also made legal. The name of God and Jesus are banned from almost every public entity, yet groups such as LGBT are recognized as a new community and have more rights to freedom of speech and actions than Christians do. Truly, what God has told us is sin has now become acceptable.

  • Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!—Isaiah 5:20

pray_jerusalem_There are wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, pestilences, famines, poverty, extreme weather conditions and civil unrest all over the world. A new age religion has replaced the gospel of Christ because it’s more amenable to their lifestyle. Terrorism has become a dreadful threat to Christians and Jews around the world. And perhaps the greatest of change is the attitude that the Obama Administration displayed towards the Jewish people when it publicly turned its back on the nation of Israel. David tells us in Psalm 122:6 that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

People have stopped worshiping, serving and loving Jehovah God and are now giving their allegiance and their honor to the god of this world. They have rejected God and His laws so they can have God’s laws changed to suit the new lifestyle. And because people are so tuned into their own lives, seeking after their careers and desires and doing what makes them happy, they have no idea that warning signs are all around them. So far, the devil’s plan is working and majority of people are too blind to see that the world around them is about to end.

People don’t understand the signs because they don’t know how to read them. They don’t read their Bibles, don’t know the Lord, and they have no idea that God has warned us over and over that when we see the world changing as it is, it’s because we’re on the brink of the most amazing event this world has ever witnessed! Satan is working overtime to deceive the people and all because he does know what’s going on.

The devil is convincing people that God is outdated and His laws are just not suited for today. Life is about me. Ignore the rumors of wars as they don’t affect me. Kill the unborn child because it’s in the way. Let’s show our love and support to people who deserve it such as the LGBT, and let’s fight the government on anything that supports God’s laws because they just aren’t welcome in this world anymore. God’s laws get in the way of my personal rights.

arguing with GodWhy is all of this change happening? Why is the world spiralling downwards from God and heading towards destruction? It’s because Jesus, the true and rightful King of this world, is about to return and take His throne in Jerusalem! And the god of this world—aka the devil—is fighting for the throne because he wants it. He wants to steal every person from God and deceive them so that he can sit on the throne and pretend he’s god. He knows that Jesus is coming and he’s racing to try to get there first.

We’ve been warned so many times in the Bible. God told us what to look out for, what signs would show us that the return of the Messiah is near. We’re living in that time. Jesus is about to return and we must prepare for it.

We need to spend time in prayer and worship, and we need to share the gospel so others can get saved. We need to be that voice and warn people because the signs are clear! Heaven is about to break open and we’re going to see King Jesus coming on the clouds with His angels. We will all know that it’s Him—even the non-believers will know. But it will be too late then for them to decide to accept Jesus as Savior. Why? Because when Jesus came the first time, He came as our Savior and we are living in a time of grace when we can receive our salvation. But when He comes again, He will come as our King and it will be a time of judgment!

A king is comingThere is a book that has just come on the market and it’s called A King is Coming, written by Paul Wilbur, a renowned minister of the gospel and worship leader. Paul explains clearly what the signs are and he’s written it in a way that is easy to read and overwhelming with biblical facts. He explains the signs the prophets warned us about and encourages readers to accept Jesus now and get ready for His return. You can get your copy today by going to Paul Wilbur’s site or to Amazon. Don’t be left out! Be ready because things are going to get a lot worse for those who don’t know Him. But for us who know and love God, this is truly the moment that all of history has been waiting for because Our King Jesus is about to return!

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