Stop! And Wait

7939_692592870766116_1823059502_nMany Christians cry out to Jesus for help or go to other Christians to get advice on how to deal with issues and trials that have come against them. And this is a good thing because the Christian family should always help each other in every way possible. Unfortunately, not all Christians heed to the help they’re given, and they continue to struggle alone. They don’t wait on God for the answer and they’re defeated because they don’t stop what they’re doing and wait to see what God will do.

They don’t hesitate to ask God for help, but their eyes are on not on Jesus to provide the answer. They have the logic of the world to influence them and the impossibility of the situation to challenge them. The answer of how it should be is plotted in their minds and that is the path of the solution that they’re looking for. They’re not open to God’s way.

This realization came at me with a mighty impact the other day. I want to share with you what happened to me so that you can see what I mean when I say that we ask for God’s help and then don’t let Him help, but continue to do it our way.

I was installing an app on my computer for a replacement phone jack; a task that should have been a very simple and speedy procedure. But as computers go, it turned out to be a harrowing challenge and the representatives on the chat line tried to help, but had no idea what to do and so each one passed me on to another and then another until I had spoken to five reps. Each one asked the same questions and had the same responses. After four hours of getting nowhere I was frustrated.

My son is tech specialist with more letters behind his name than anyone I know and he lives about an hour away from my home. He is my personal computer admin guy and has installed all the programs on it, and so I stopped chatting with the unhelpful reps to email him and ask him for help. I needed the codes for our router since I was talked into resetting mine, which closed down the internet in my home for everyone except me. Then I returned to the chat line to further fuel my exasperation.

As I continued to try to explain to the rep that my phone still didn’t work, my keyboard began to malfunction and when I tried to type something the words wouldn’t stay on the screen.  Then it froze completely. I thought how inconvenient a time for the battery to need to be replaced, but I shut it down and replaced it anyway.

Then my mouse began to act weird and I couldn’t move it, and then it began to do its own thing stock-photo-a-guy-grabing-his-hair-with-angry-3211190and move around the screen. I couldn’t believe it. The mouse needed batteries, too? The rep was asking questions and I could not get the mouse to sit still so I could respond. So, I quickly dove back into my email and wrote my son again, “Help! I’ve lost the router and now my computer is going crazy.”

I was not only frustrated with the fact that a simple job had become a major issue, but that my son had not responded. In all fairness, it was the supper hour and I knew that he was likely preparing his own meal. Totally frustrated, I stared at the screen and now the cursor was out of my control and it took everything I had to get it back. My cursor, by the way, is a little blue song bird and it’s never given me problems before.  I could not believe that I was fighting with my little blue bird – and losing.

I was about to send my son another email when I read one from him that humbled me.3072213457_578676b34d_m

“Mom, STOP! You asked me for help, now let me have the control.”

I immediately flipped back to the chat line and watched as he took over the chat with the rep and my little blue song bird danced all over my screen and opened all kinds of files. A short while later my son sent me another email that said, “Okay, Mom, it’s all fixed. Next time don’t fight me when I’m trying to help you.”

I was stunned because when I asked him for help, I thought he’d do it by giving me the codes I wanted, but the problem was much more complex than just codes and he knew it so he logged in and worked on it from his home.  After a while I was in total awe as I realized that this is how we treat Jesus when we ask for His help.

Just as I unknowingly fought my son to control the mouse on my computer, we fight Jesus and don’t let Him take control over our problems. We ask Him for help and then don’t wait for Him to do anything. We don’t look for His intervention and we don’t truly expect to receive anything. We say we do. We pray and ask for it, but we do NOT truly expect an answer because if we did, we would stop what we’re doing and we’d wait on Him.

I would have saved myself a lot of anxiety from fighting the situation if I would have stopped and realized that my son was already working on my behalf.  For some reason I forgot that being an expert in his field – a man who is senior tech over eight hospitals in the Niagara Region – he could help me from far away. I couldn’t see him and I forgot what an expert he was and that He could fix my problem from there.

And we can’t see Jesus and we forget what an expert in EVERY field He is. We fight Him; we struggle with the help He gives us; we lose battles that we didn’t need to fight – and all because we didn’t trust Jesus to help us. But He’s there for us and ready to work on our behalf, and we need to stop what we’re doing and accept His help. We need to give Him the controls.

If we are going to take the time and exhaust the tears to come to Jesus and ask Him for help, then we must become humble before Him and let Him help us – His way. We need to stop what we’re doing and wait on Him. Psalm 121:2 says, “My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” He hears our prayers and He DOES answer them, and we need to put our faith to work and trust Him – and then wait and watch expectantly for His help.



 “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” … Psalm 27:14




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