Does God Love Some of Us More Than Others?

When Christians discuss the concept of faith, they quickly realize that God seems to pour more blessings onto the ones who have the most faith. And while we need to discuss the levels of faith among ourselves so we can learn and grow, it can present some serious issues if we don’t understand what faith is. We can adopt a feeling of animosity towards the ones who have great faith, or adhere to the thoughts that God isn’t fair and that He likes them better than us. We need to understand what faith is so we don’t have to ask the question, does God love some of us more than others?

Faith is the trust we have in God. It’s the substance that allows us to seek after God with our heart and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. It’s our confidence in God and our belief that the Bible is His written words of communication with us.

When we trust God with our whole heart for something, nothing becomes impossible to us. Jesus said in Matthew 17:10 that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we could speak to the mountain and cast it into the sea. And although most of us don’t have that much faith, it IS possible to get it.

But we don’t get it because the overpowering influences and the circumstances in this world work hard to make sure we don’t get that much faith. We live in a world controlled by the devil, and within the elements, laws and prevailing conditions of his rule that take pre-eminence over every situation in our natural lives. So our faith is never as dynamic as it could be, yet there are many Christians who fight their battles with their limited faith and seem to progress more than others.

Is it favoritism on God’s part? Does He let some Christians have more faith than others? Does He just like some Christians more than others?

No, not at all. Some Christians receive more from God because they truly love the Lord and are committed to Him, and they are constantly seeking God and increasing their faith and trust in Him.

John 3:16 says that God loved the world – that means He loved every single person who ever lived on earth with the same amount of love – and He gave His only Son as a sacrifice so that whoever would believe on Him and accept this sacrifice would have everlasting life. He didn’t say only the rich and famous, or only certain cultures, or only the healthy and good-looking – He said “whoever” – meaning that each and every one of us from Adam and Eve forward has the same preference or opportunity to accept what Jesus did on the cross and to live within the freedom and blessings that come with it.

Some Christians get the love that’s in this verse and study the Bible with fervency. They accept God as their reason for living and enjoy worshipping and praising Him. Every day their desire to know everything there is to know about Him grows and the relationship between them and God develops into something beautiful based on love, trust and faith. When they have a need they believe that God will provide it and He does. God is able to bless them because they have faith in Him.

Others just receive the verse as their ticket to Heaven. They accept that Jesus died on the cross for them but they can’t fully understand the whole concept of the cross, and so they stay in an attitude of content just knowing that they have a home in Heaven.  But when they need something from God – healing, finances, help in a situation – they dive right into prayer and expect God to just zap an answer. And when He doesn’t, they say that God has favorites.

But that is the furthest thing from the truth. They don’t know God and haven’t bothered to know Him even though they attend church just as often as the ones who live for God. So, their prayers either don’t get answered or if they do they take a long time to come and then it’s not exactly what was expected.

And it’s not because God loves any particular Christian more than another; it’s because He is able to show His love to some Christians more than others.

When we have faith in God, we please Him. Why? Because faith allows us to know God, and the more we know Him the more we love and trust Him. And the more faith we have, the greater our understanding becomes and the more freely we are able to worship and honor Jesus as our Lord and Savior and follow His teachings. God sees our heart, and it’s the faith inside our heart that pleases Him. He is able to bless us because He knows that we are able to receive the blessings.

God doesn’t favor one Christian over another because He loves us all with the same unconditional love. But He can bless some of us more easily than others because our hearts and minds have faith in Him and love for Him, and we are able to accept from blessings from Him.

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6


8 thoughts on “Does God Love Some of Us More Than Others?

    • Hi there, Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that this post has inspired you. However, I’m actually finished now with the Faith series as I’m beginning a series on Love on Monday. But, I have just written a book called Let Faith Arise! and it should be released by June of 2012. This book is filled with over a hundred inspired messages that I received on my own healing journey when I took a stand in faith against cancer last year…and won! I’ll be announcing the book before it’s released and it will be available on and Kindle, plus many other online and mortar stores. Hopefully this book will be a blessing to you. ….. ronnie


  1. I believe God loves me but that he love others more than me. I here thier testimonies of the fellowship and close walk they have with him that I have fasted and prayed for for many many many years. I’ve never enjoyed the joy of the holy spirit in my heart as the bible teaches and I’ve been empty for so long.


    • I’m sorry that you feel God loves others more than He loves you – but this is NOT true. God is “not a respecter of persons”. He sent Jesus to the cross for all of us (John 3:16), not just for a few. Sometimes we can look for God so much that we miss Him in our search. I have been a Christian for many years and felt like you do, that I knew He was there and I knew He loved me, but I just couldn’t connect and I didn’t feel that one-on-one love with Him. When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago I knew that it was not God’s will, but I didn’t feel or believe that He could or would heal me. After all, who was I? I searched the scriptures. I prayed and cried out to Him constantly. I had prayer warriors standing in the gap for me, and then my faith in Him began to grow. I began to realize the truth in Isaiah 53:5 (by His stripes we are healed). I knew that faith without works was dead, and it’s dead because if we think we believe something but we can’t act on it with full confidence that God’s Word is true then we honestly don’t believe it. I prayed and sought Him until I knew that I believed Him and then I walked away from the chemo and from the medical doctors to trust God for healing. He led me to a naturopathic doctor and here I am, two years later, totally healed and healthy and back in the battle.

      Sometimes we work so hard at trying to know God that we don’t see Him. Sometimes we have to stand back and just look for the person, Jesus. Then when we find Him we just have to fall at His feet and never leave Him. He was always there for me; I just didn’t see Him. And now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves me. And it’s not that He loves me more than anyone else; it’s that now I KNOW that He loves me and my heart responds and I’ll never let anything this world has separate me from Him again.

      During my battle, I kept notes of messages that I received during my Biblical searches, and when I was healed I formatted these inspirational messages into a book, Let Faith Arise! You can read about this on my site: I wrote this to help others know that it takes faith to know God; faith to trust God; and faith to live with God and to know that He loves us.

      I hope this helps you to realize that Jesus does not love you any less than He does anyone else so that you’ll stop searching for Him and know that He’s right beside you and that you need to just focus on that – because once you realize that, His love with smother you and you’ll know that you know that He loves you, and you’ll realize how special and how precious you are to Him.

      God bless…..ronnie


  2. Thank you Ronnie for your personal testimony and encouragement. I really needed that. Even someone to talk to. I pray that like yourself God would have someone to stand in the gap and make up the hedge(Ezekiel 22:30) in my life as well. So that I may know him, not only in the fellowship of his suffering but also in the power of his resurrection(Philippians 3:10). I just want to know Jesus, not just from reading the Bible, but as the early church new him on the day of Pentecost(Acts 2:4). That he would grant unto me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him(Eph 1:17). That I would know my calling in my servitude as a servant of Jesus Christ(Acts 13:2) and to have deep walk with God(Psalm 42:1-7) I just want to enjoy the experience of being led by the Holy Spirit(Rom 8:14) in my daily walk with Jesus. I admit, I’ve never known that. I have bible knowledge, more books, tape and cd’s than most christians. But I’ve never had that breakthrough or impartation to go along with years and years of prayer and study. Lost so much as Job did and as well as Paul(Philippians 3:8). I guess i did as Job said as well, I spoke in the anguish of my spirit and complained in the bitterness of my soul.(Job 7:11).


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