Faith is Made Stronger in Numbers

If one person could have the faith to move mountains like Jesus says in Matthew 17:20, then think what two or ten or a hundred people standing together in faith could do! It’s true – faith grows in numbers.

Sometimes things will come against us and we are able to give the situation to God and truly trust Him for the answer. But then  other times the situation is so great, so intense, so life-threatening that we don’t feel that same confidence when we’re praying, and so we need to get other Christian believers to intervene for us.

It’s not that we are failing the Lord or don’t trust Him, but that the world has surrounded us so badly that we can’t see beyond our circumstances. When the doctor says that we are ill and have only a short time to live, the trauma of that report can be overwhelming and can prevent us from praying with the faith that we thought we had. And we may have a lot of faith but not enough to combat this battle.

When we are alone in our prayers in a crushing situation, we can often miss some of the elements that are involved and we pray only for what we feel is the answer, and we pray with more fear than confidence – and that’s because we’re right in the middle of it. We see only the immediate need and can’t emotionally see beyond that.

But when other Christians join us in our stand of faith, they are able to seek God’s intervention for us and for the situation and for everything that is affected by the situation. They are able to remove themselves from the circumstances and pray without bias and without judgment. Their faith is strong and direct because they are not burdened down with the emotions or sufferings that we may be enduring.

Their prayers for us will strengthen our faith so that we can see beyond our circumstances and look to God for the healing. And if they are praying for someone who cannot pray for themselves, they will continue to stand in the gap and their combined prayers and stand in faith will be a powerful plea before the Lord.

God sees their faith, their determination and their praise for Him, and He is able to move in their presence and answer their prayers. The Bible says in Matthew 18:20 that when His children gather together and worship Him, His presence is with them.  The perfect time to give our problems to the Lord is when we are in His presence.  So, when He is with us and we can feel His presence, we can receive what He’s giving us because He’s right there with us, and in Proverbs 15:29 it says that He hears and answers our prayers.

“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”  …  Matthew 18:20

We don’t open the floor to make our need a chat session to discussed or compared or to be subjected to ridicule. This is a battle and we have declared war on the devil so that we can take back what the Lord has given us, and so we need to seek out prayer warriors who will stand with us in this battle.

Perhaps they will be members of our church, our community, a Christian television or radio program, an online prayer group or friends and family members. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes we need to go beyond those who know and love us and call upon those prayer warriors who will stand and remain standing because they aren’t part of it.

Faith in God is our most powerful means to receive the blessings of God!

Two or more Christians standing together and bonding their faith for a specific purpose is the best thing we can do when the situation affects us to the point that we can be distracted or discouraged. It’s the best strategy to keep doubt and fear out.

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