When Temptation Comes Against Faith

When temptation comes against faith its purpose is to destroy our stand and our hopes for the things we are believing God for. It’s one of the most powerful tools the enemy uses and one that leaves us totally defeated if we give in to it.

Temptation is all around us and it’s comprised of a million different attractions. And whatever it is you’re standing in faith and believing God for, there’s a temptation nearby ready to destroy that hope.  Temptation comes in many disguises and forms and sometimes it’s so deceiving that it can lure you in if you’re not prepared for it.

We can do all we can to prevent its immediate presence but the temptation that has the most power is one of deception, one that you can’t see and aren’t expecting. If we’re on a diet and are determined to stay faithful to it, we know to remove all the sweats and pastries from our kitchen and we know to avoid parties and restaurants, but these are the easy temptations to avoid. The tricky ones come when you’re at a work meeting and have to engage in a rich luncheon or when there’s a birthday and you feel intimidated to refuse a piece of cake or toast with a glass of wine.

Standing in faith means not falling prey to the wiles of the devil. It means taking the embarrassment and eating only the carrot sticks and drinking the water at the luncheon; it means explaining to the host of the birthday party that you cannot have the cake because you’re on a diet. It means suffering the humilation and intimidation of being different and acting on something that no one else understands.

When we have weak moments where temptation is lerking about waiting for us, we need to pray that God gives us the strength to continue standing. We need to talk to other believers who will support us. We need to read our Bible for comfort and strength, and sometimes we need to get away from the circumstance that is tempting us.

It takes time to build our faith to the point where we can speak directly to our mountain and have it move. It’s the goal we want to reach and it’s the mark we press towards. But it’s a battle that comes with a cost because temptation does not want us to win and it will do anything and everything to stop us.

This is why we cannot get lazy and begin to fight temptation when it gets to our side of the battle field. We need to be made strong and fight it off long before it crosses that line.

We need to begin every day with the Lord, reading the Bible, praising God, praying for others and getting scriptures deep into our heart so that we can know that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is our strength. When we stay close to God, His Spirit makes us strong and makes us wise and gives us insight to the bad things around us so that we can remain standing in faith and not fall to the craftiness of temptation.

We need to keep our eyes on God and on the hope that our faith is based on so that we are prepared and ready to combat any temptation that may come against us. We are the head and not the tail. We have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb and by the word of His testimony. We are His children whereby we can cry, “Abba Father“.

And remember, God gave Jesus the strength to resist temptation when the devil came to Him, and He will do the same for us. He will give us strength to resist the temptations that come against us and all we have to do is trust Him.

“Therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil and he shall flee from you.” …James 4:7


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