Living in Faith, one day at a time

When we think of living in faith – or walking in faith – we often feel that this is a commitment that is so absolute and conditional that we fear we won’t be able to do it. We focus on what we are trying to achieve in the end and then when life throws obstacles in our path we become stressed because we’re not prepared for them.

Living in faith means taking one day at a time. It means rising in the morning and greeting the Lord with appreciation for life. It means starting off the day praising Him for this life and for the abundance that He has promised. And it means asking for His guidance and direction to fulfill the day to meet your needs and His glory.

The Bible says that “this is the day the Lord has made”, and although it says that in general we will live to be a certain old age, there is no guarantee that there is a tomorrow because tomorrow hasn’t been made yet. All we really have is this day and all we should be living in is this day.

We set goals in our lives so that we can work towards the achievements we strive for, but even long-term goals are broken down into interim goals to allow us to have small successes along the way. And it’s the same for walking in faith. We need to keep in mind what our long-term goal is but we need to have interim goals along the way, and with faith these goals are our daily walk with the Lord.

Every new day is a new beginning, and with every day that we live and every day that’s passed, we strengthen our faith walk. If we’re ill and we’re walking in faith, following God’s direction and heading towards being totally healed, then we can’t focus only on that day in the future. We need to live for today and know that God has healed us already through Jesus when He died on the cross.

If we focus only on the final goal of that day when we feel healed, then we will miss out on what God has given us today. We will miss out on praising Him and doing His will towards others. We will miss out on blessing people and being blessed.

Every new day is special because God made it just for us.  His mercies are new every day and our faith walk begins every morning and grows throughout the day. His love for us becomes more clear and our final goal becomes more evident when we live in faith one day at a time.

“This is the day which the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

…Psalms 118:24

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