Walk by faith and not by sight…

Often when we’re faced with trials in this world we turn to God to try and believe for a good outcome, and there will always be someone around to tell us to “walk by faith and not by sight“. But what does that really mean?

You have a doctor’s report and it’s not good. People are talking at you about things you’ll have to go through, other tests you’ll have to endure and possible outcomes that might not be great – these are the physical facts that you see.

The thing we don’t see is our faith. It is the substance – or the energy of believing – for things hoped for. And in this case it would be for healing.

However, walking by faith is opposite to walking by sight and too often “sight” wins out. Firstly, you have the obvious symptoms of the sickness that’s diagnosed. Then you have doctor’s appointments constantly that confirm it’s real. Then you have a mind that reminds you of many people who have had this and died or have been left severely handicapped. As well, your loved ones offer their condolences and cry for you, reassuring you that this serious.  Everything around you has a strong influence of the negative and that draws you towards defeat.

Faith, however, is hidden deep inside the heart and it tells us what can be if we will only take our eyes off the physical evidence and put it onto God’s Word which is HIS evidence.  He wants us to live long, be healthy, happy and prosperous. Jesus took ALL of our sickness on the cross (by His stripes we are healed) and He gave us His Spirit to dwell in us.

HE GAVE US HIS SPIRIT to dwell in us….this is the same Spirit that lived in Jesus, the same Spirit that gave Jesus the ability to do miracles, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus was the Son of God but if Jesus wanted to, He could have chosen rebellion just like Adam did, He could have allowed Himself to be caught up with the life of the people and lost His focus. But He did not! Why?

Because Jesus believed God, loved God and trusted God. Jesus accepted who He was and because of this He was able to work with God’s Spirit who was in Him and become our Lord and Saviour.  When Jesus returned to Heaven, He sent the Spirit back here to live in Christians so that we would have His help to believe in God, to love God and to trust God. When we accept who we are in Christ, and that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us, then we stay focused on the truth, on the Word of God and on His perfect will for our lives.

It’s a challenging walk and we need the support of other Christians to strengthen our faith in these times so that we CAN believe for healing in spite of what the doctors tell us.  Walking in faith means focussing on God and speaking His Word over the problem and His will for our lives until we finally believe it.  And once we believe it, God’s Spirit will act on it.

Living in faith gives us insight to God’s world; living by sight drives us into doubt.

For we walk by faith, not by sight“…..2 Cor. 5:7

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