Building Faith for the Future

We all know the importance of saving money in a bank account for a rainy day.  We also realize the value of having insurances like house, car and life insurance to give us the financial support we need to draw on in the time of a crisis.  It’s too late to start once we’re in the crisis, and without them we could face a terrible future.

Building faith is exactly the same.

We need to start building our faith in God the very first second we become Christians. We need to have a bank of faith stored inside us so when that dark day comes and we’re facing something horrific, we have the faith inside us to fight it off and to get the victory over it.

We can’t wait until the enemy strikes us to start building our faith because those last-minute efforts are overcome by the problem that we’re fighting. Many people read the Bible, call on God’s promises, pray and confide in others for their spiritual support at that time as a replacement for their empty faith bank, but many times this doesn’t work. And it’s NOT because God can’t or won’t answer and heal us. It’s because we lack the ability to belief Him.

The Bible says we have the mind of Christ. His mind was so “positive” in the truth that even the winds obeyed Him. He rose Lazareth from the dead, He healed the sick, and most importantly, HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD. Why? Because He was filled with the faith and the knowledge and the belief that He had victory over everything in this world. His mind knew it, His heart believed it, and when He spoke it the demons obeyed it.

Even the medical world today acknowledges the power of the mind. It’s like a computer and it controls the body. If the mind says you can’t walk, you will NEVER walk regardless of how healthy you are because your mind controls all the movements of the body. So we need to build up the mind to be positive and not negative.

Things happen to us because we live in this world and we are susceptible to the elements and the offences of this world. But we are NOT confined to the defeats of this world. God gave us His Spirit who responds and reacts to the truth only – to God – and never to the confines of this world.

The Holy Spirit in us is limited ONLY by our faith. When we build our faith and trust in God, His Spirit in us will do everything that He did in Jesus. The Bible says, “The same Spirit that rose Christ from the dead lives in us.”

If Jesus could speak to the disease and heal people, then SO CAN WE because the SAME SPIRIT LIVES IN US!

So, when we face that moment of horror as the doctor tells us the devastating news, “You have cancer”, it’s the natural reaction to cry and get angry as all our emotions pour out. The world has prepared us for this moment which can be a moment of defeat…..if we let it.  But when we stop and remember who we are and who lives in us, we can call upon our faith bank and know that we know that we can face this mountain and cast it into the sea. It may be the trial of all trials and our faith is put to the test, but we can face it and get the victory. And we WILL get the victory because we have faith!

And sometimes it’s only at this point in our lives that through our faith we actually realize the love and the power of God! And that’s why we need others to pray for our faith to be strong so that our focus will be on God and the victory He has for us…….for me.

“If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” …Matthew 17:20

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