We’re not perfect, we’re forgiven!

One of the most humiliating trials Christians can face is eating their own words at the cost of embarrassment and disgrace.

As Christians, we grow in our knowledge of the Word and in our understanding of God and His commandments, and as we develop a close relationship with Him, He becomes our reason for living. Yet some of us get caught up in the commandments as the only ruler to live by and we put that above the love and forgiveness that Jesus represents.

Some Christians take stands declaring that they would never do this or that their children would never do that. The foolishness of these statements is that if you’ve never been in a specific situation, you cannot predict how you would react. Sometimes emotions can cause you to do the thing you said you’d never do. And as much as you raise your children in the Lord, they face situations today that most parents haven’t experienced so it’s unfair to state what your child would or would not do.

The danger in making absolute stands is that we’re saying we don’t sin, and so when our own words backfire we want to run and hide because we feel so embarrassed. Instead of lifting ourselves up to show others how good we are, perhaps we should humble ourselves before God and realize that no matter how much we love Him, we still live in this world and we’re still tempted by the devil. But when we sin, God forgives us and we grow in His strength to move on. We become stronger and wiser and more understanding of the grace that is expounded to us through Jesus.  

Never say “Never” because none of us are perfect and the world is waiting and watching so they can point fingers at us and mock us and our faith. We shouldn’t be giving them a reason to put down Christianity. We cannot pretend to be perfect because we’re not. We should be telling them that God is loving toward all who come to Him and ask for forgiveness – making this declaration a great testimony to the world.  

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”…Romans 3:23

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