Give more than your garbage…

Most of us have been taught to share, whether it’s sharing toys as a child, our lunch with someone who has none, or our excess clothes with the needy.  We give donations to worthy funds, we send money to the starving children in the third world and we give our old things away to make room for new.

When we give, we should have the same mindset as if we were receiving. We should never give anyone anything that we wouldn’t want ourselves. If we’re throwing it out because it’s torn or broken, why would we think that someone else would want it? Because they are not as well off as we are qualifies them to get our garbage?

If that’s how we give then our hearts are not in line with God’s heart. If that’s how we give then we have exalted ourselves into the front row because we are self-righteous and consider ourselves better than others. The gift we give will never be appreciated by God and the gift we give has only knocked the receiver down one more peg in the ladder of human esteem.

When we give anything to anyone, we should give our best. We should give as if we were giving it to God Himself because in essence, we are fulfilling the call of God to help the needy.

To announce, “I have an old couch that I’m throwing out, does anyone want it?” and then have someone come to you and say they’ll take it – knowing that it’s old and worn – is an act of their choice. But to know that someone needs a couch and can’t afford one, and you answer that need by dumping your old couch on them is an injustice to giving. Why? Because you haven’t given with a pure heart to ensure that the receiver got something good since the receiver got the garbage that you were going to throw out anyway and that was no longer good enough for you.

If the clothes you don’t want are ripped and worn, throw them out and don’t incriminate yourself by lifting yourself higher than others and donating them to the needy. Garbage is garbage. When God tells us to give, He means give good things, things that we would want ourselves, things that we would take pride in.

Giving broken and battered things to the needy tells them that they are not worthy of having nice things, and maybe they’ll feel that they aren’t even good enough to know God. What better way to show the goodness and love of God than being like God and giving good things? What better way to say, “Smile, God loves you.”

“And whatever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”…….Coloss 3:17

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