Love lifted me…

What better reason is there to show someone that you love them than for no reason at all?

There are those special occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays and Christmas when the ethically right thing to do is give a gift or send a card. We mean well when we hold our special ones in high esteem by honoring them in this way at this time, but why are so many people limited to giving only on the days that the world marks as a holiday?

Flowers and gifts can bring joy to a heart, but even the receiver knows you’ll give them something because everyone else is. But what if you just bought your mother a bouquet of her favorite flowers or your dad a can of his favorite fudge and just gave it to them for no special reason except that you want to show them you love them?

Gifts given in love with no strings attached mean more to most people than gifts given because it’s the thing to do. Giving freely is a powerful way of lifting someone in love. Nothing will bring joy to a heart more than receiving a gift that says, No strings attached, I just love you.  

“If we love one another, God dwells in us and His love is perfected in us.”

…1 John 4:12


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