Look beyond yourself

Some days it seems as if we have a bag of problems just dropped at our feet and we have to solve them now or else –  but with little time, money or resources, and without the insight of where to begin or how far to go.

And then the more we concentrate on them, the more we focus on the negatives and the heavier the burdens become. Pretty soon we’re evaluating our whole life and seeing only the bad things that have come against us and our joy for living gets lost in the cloud of depression. We forget that we are blessed people and that these too shall pass.

Last week I heard of yet another devestating earth quake that claimed thousands of lives and caused many more people to suffer over their lost family members and the destruction of their homes. I watched the news on TV and my heart sank.

We are living in a time when we need to pray for each other, and our spirits need to be free to pray for others. If we really believe that God loves us, cares for us and supplies our needs, then we should cast our cares upon Him and then rest. Why? Because there is so much sorrow in the world – people hurting, and children suffering and dying as a result of climatic stress, and these people REALLY NEED YOUR PRAYERS.

“He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds.” …Psalm 147:3

One thought on “Look beyond yourself

  1. Ronnie, your observation is well taken and reminds me of the words in the Book of Philippians about interceding for others with an attitude of thanksgiving before the Lord. Prayer is a wonderful privilege and God listens intently to issues both great and small. I also think, that as we call out to Him, and share with Him, that the Spirit of God transforms us in the process. We grow im wisdom, discernment, and in humility and thanksgiving regardless of the circumstances lubricates the inner gears of the soul… we sense His strength in all matters. Thank you for reminding me and others again about praying and interceding for others.


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