What is Impossible?

What is impossible to people is very possible to God. He is the creator of the earth and of our existence. If anyone can fix something or provide something it would be God.

Our human minds are only a tiny dot of what God’s mind is. Our abilities are limited to our mind – and so are His.

Often when we pray, we limit God’s powers to what our mind can accept and that is why it seems that God doesn’t answer prayer – because we can only believe Him or trust Him to do what our minds believe can be done. We must learn to accept that God is omnipotent – He knows everything, sees everything and can do everything, and nothing and no one can stop Him. His powers are infinite and His mercies are everlasting.

Matthew 19:26 says, “With God all things are possible.”

It’s not God who can’t provide our needs – it’s us not accepting that He can.

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