Take the time to pray

Our lives are filled with challenges that take our thoughts each day

     and what we often forget to do is take the time to pray.

When dawn greets us in the morning we should give thanks to God above

    and pray for friends and family that they might know His love,

That He will comfort their broken hearts and give health and life today,

    and that we might learn to trust Him more when we take the time to pray.

2 thoughts on “Take the time to pray

  1. Ronnie, your point is well taken here. Prayer, something that should be so simple, is often pushed out by the distractions of everyday life. I do not see prayer as a ritual (some might, and that does not mean the good Lord does not hear them), but I do view as intimate dialogue. Prayer, for me, as a Christian is that dialogue throughout the day… sometimes in the car while driving, sometimes at home when reading, and sometimes at night while falling asleep… and sometimes in that place where no one sees but God… on my knees. Thank you Ronnie for reminding me this day of the importance of prayer my friend.


    • William, it is so great to hear you say that because your view is exactly how I live. My prayers go on all day long. I greet the Lord when I wake up, pray for my family and needs and then I talk to God throughout the rest of the day as if He is my friend by my side and living my life with me – because, in fact, He is. Yes, I have times of special prayer but to me, praying is talking to God all the time. It gives me strength and courage and confidence because I know that I am never alone, and that He is always with me. Amen!


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