The joy of spring is in the air…

….for many people, but not for everyone.   

Spring brings joy and peace but most of all, it brings new hope. As the signs of winter begin fading away, we hear the welcoming sounds of colorful song birds and we see some tiny sprouts of crocuses popping up in the garden. Somehow, the stress and challenges of winter past seem almost forgotten as we focus on all the good things that lie ahead for us.

But for many people, a day like today is just another day of fear and torment as they face the destruction of an earthquake that has literally stripped them of all joy, of all peace and of all hope. 

We can’t change our weather or their tragedies, but we can pray for them. We can pray that their hope is renewed through the diligence of caring people who work together to help restore their communities.

We can’t all physically go there to help them, but we can give of our abundance and share our blessings financially so they can see the love and know the hope.  And when we can’t give financially, we can pray. We can pray that those who can give, will give.

The Bible says that the fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) avails much. So, let’s pray and extend our help to these hurting people. Through our prayers and our help, they will see the love that God has for them because God works through people like you and me.

One thought on “The joy of spring is in the air…

  1. One of the great aspects of nature is being sensitive to God’s signature, the elements, that point to His creative power, diversity and wonder. Admittedly, it is a world that is fallen (sin and death entered into the world), but even in a fallen world creation points to the Lord of grace.


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