Do unto others as they do unto you…

This is a widespread concept among our society members today, but it is not the Golden Rule nor is it a derivative of the Golden Rule. This is man-made attitude that stems from following human instincts and desires instead of obeying the mandate that God has set out for our lives.

In Matthew 22:39 Jesus announces a new commandment for every person to follow and it is the epitome of good sense.  It does not eradicate the Ten Commandments as Paul says in Romans 13:9, but rather it incorporates them all into one acceptable behavior.

He tells us to love our neighbors the same way that we love ourselves, and by doing that we will be treating them – and everyone – with the same respect and dignity as we treat ourselves and as we expect others to treat us.

If we don’t want our children to be laughed at or ridiculed, then we shouldn’t make fun of others. If we don’t want our things to be stolen, we shouldn’t  steel from our employer and joke that they’ll never miss it. If we want to be treated as someone with ethics and integrity, we cannot degrade the less fortunate.

The Golden Rule according to God: Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

One thought on “Do unto others as they do unto you…

  1. Ronnie, your assessment from the Scripture is correct. Jesus made it very clear to love our neighbor… later in Romans Paul talks about “honoring one another above ourselves,” and in Philippians to “not only be concerned about our own interests, but also the interests of others.” Love calls for a just mind, a sensible and respectful attitude, and the capacity to truly forgive wrongs done against us. One of the greatest acts of love is simply to pray for the welfare of another even if they are not aware you are praying for them.


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