Spreading Rumors

gossipMost of us enjoy talking and sharing with our family and friends, and it’s even normal for us to pour our heart out in anguish about a situation or person that has hurt and challenged us.  We’re told in James 5:16 to share with each other so that we can pray for each other, and where many of these issues remain private to the glory of God, many more become public ridicule and the targets for spreading rumors. Continue reading

A Mother’s Day to Remember

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Mothers Day  10As Mother’s Day approaches, many of us can only look deep into our heart for memories of this person we cherish. We go on each day through a driving force that she put in us as a child, and the hope of a good future that she gave us through her love.

For those of you who are blessed to still have your mother with you, take this day to give her something special that says “Thanks, Mom”; that says, “I love you.”

For me, I will remember my mom for the person who was always there for me. She cried silent tears behind closed doors and tried to keep the atmosphere hopeful and positive when the challenges of life came against us. I will always remember how she would encourage us and motivate us to keep going forward; whose hope in God shone bright In the darkness.

I wrote this poem…

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Sowing Discord

5302015421_20ec03f8c9_mMuch of today’s Christian community has deviated from its origin and now consists of many man-made doctrines and ideals that have caused division in the church of Christ.  One of the greatest deceptions to circulate the globe is the concept that we are all one in Christ regardless of how much of the Bible we choose to believe. Unfortunately, this has caused many to drift far from the truth in their endeavour to “do it their way”, and many are no longer even Christians; they just think they are. And it all began when discord was sown in the church and was allowed to grow. Continue reading

Batteries Not Included

battery rechargeIt is truly wonderful when someone accepts the Lord as their Savior and gives up their old way of life to follow Jesus. The Bible says in Luke 15:10 that the angels rejoice in Heaven over every new believer, so this is really a special event.  Why then, do many new believers fall back into the world and never follow Jesus? It’s because, like toys that need power to run on, they don’t realize that with salvation batteries are not included. Continue reading

Who Are You……Really?

Open BibleIt’s amazing how much we learn when we study the Bible and how some of the messages jump right out at us when we read with a hungry heart. The scriptures are God’s own inspired words that He’s given to us so we can learn about Him and become better disciples. As we study, our faith grows and we feel confident that God loves us and will help us through anything. Yet—it’s not until we attempt to put our faith to work that we really know how much of what we have read is in us. It’s not until trials hit that we often discover who we really are. Continue reading

Walking a Thin Line



85483828The earth is being filled with “Christians” as the day of Christ’s return draws near. Some of these people are genuine, born-again believers, but most of them don’t even know God. They are captivated by a doctrine that speaks of universal love and heavenly blessings. The gospel they learn from says they were all saved at the cross and all of their sins were automatically forgiven, so there’s no need for repentance. They think they are saved, but they are missing the salvation of Jesus because they are walking a thin line that doesn’t stem from the cross. Continue reading

Stop Pointing Fingers!

pointing fingersWe’re living in an age when Christians are being persecuted for their faith by religious zealots. While the horrors of the Middle East are getting everyone’s attention, we need to bring our focus back a bit closer to home so we can see what’s happening here. Many Christians in America are being publically torn apart, criticized and ridiculed, and many of their critics are “Christians”. The world watches and it sees that the church is falling apart and that Christianity is the root of much hatred. We’re not drawing them closer to Jesus when we do this; we’re pushing them away.

It’s time to stop pointing fingers! Continue reading