Cherry Pickers Will Choke on the Pits!

cherry picker2Many “Christians” have drifted so far from God that they “cherry pick” through the scriptures and accept only the ones they like and ignore the rest. In their eyes this is okay because, after all, they still believe some of it so that keeps them in a safety zone, right? Wrong! The Bible is all or nothing! It’s either God’s written word or it’s not. Just like life itself, you’re either dead or you’re alive—there is nothing in between. And those who choose to cherry pick through the scriptures will one day choke on the pits. Continue reading

Truth or Comfort Zone

my wayMuch of “Christianity” today has digressed from a commitment to follow Christ to an “everything goes” attitude that gives false spiritual security. It’s a “new age religion” that says we can do our own thing and know that God loves and accepts each one of us just as we are now.  It’s no wonder that this deception is growing so rapidly! Continue reading

The Tragedy of the Missing Parachute

man falling from planeSo often in life people take things for granted. Some assume that their way is the right way and they aren’t willing to change and yet expect good results. Others know that they should act on certain issues now but they either, render a callous attitude and put it off until later, or do nothing and just assume that things will work out in the end. Unfortunately, like the lonely pilot who had engine trouble, his assumption of being saved didn’t work when he faced the tragedy of the missing parachute. Continue reading

Worthless Collectibles

material possessionsOne of the things that many of us in the civilized world pride ourselves in is our collection of worldly goods. Some of us have the funds to back our expensive material collections while others of us struggle to acquire even a few over a lifetime. But the fact is, most of us can look around our homes and see things that we cherish and in our eyes they have great material worth. But in the end, they are worthless collectibles. Continue reading

Old Testament Laws are not for Today

310702990_21eca830bb_mThe Book of Law that God gave to Moses was God’s law for all mankind; a standard of living that ruled over the people so they could know the difference between right and wrong. But it’s being greatly challenged today. Much of the so-called “church” is modifying God’s laws to meet with their own modern-day lifestyles, and the world is changing the laws so that the abnormal can become the norm. Continue reading