Love is Not Silent

martin lutherMany Christians do not share the gospel of Jesus with others because they either, feel “shy” and just don’t have the words to say, or they don’t want to judge others by telling them that they have sin in their life. But we’re not judging anyone when we try to share the gospel with them, or when we point out blatant sins in their lives that will keep them from God. The truth is that love is not silent. It speaks loud! Continue reading

Cherry Pickers Will Choke on the Pits!

cherry picker2Many “Christians” have drifted so far from God that they “cherry pick” through the scriptures and accept only the ones they like and ignore the rest. In their eyes this is okay because, after all, they still believe some of it so that keeps them in a safety zone, right? Wrong! The Bible is all or nothing! It’s either God’s written word or it’s not. Just like life itself, you’re either dead or you’re alive—there is nothing in between. And those who choose to cherry pick through the scriptures will one day choke on the pits. Continue reading

Truth or Comfort Zone

my wayMuch of “Christianity” today has digressed from a commitment to follow Christ to an “everything goes” attitude that gives false spiritual security. It’s a “new age religion” that says we can do our own thing and know that God loves and accepts each one of us just as we are now.  It’s no wonder that this deception is growing so rapidly! Continue reading