There Are No Shortcuts to the Cross

ShortcutOur world is quickly racing toward convenience and short cuts in almost every facet of life. The things that used to require time and effort can now be accomplished online in seconds—things such as banking, paying bills, shopping, ordering a meal and even securing lucrative employment. These conveniences require little effort and almost no thought as we take for granted what technology has given us—short cuts! We just click a button and we have instant success. However, when we’re looking for salvation, there are no shortcuts to the cross.

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The Fear of Death

936490_275713379237498_1737628803_nI love to share the gospel of Jesus with everyone and lead people to Him so they can be saved. Many people think that when Jesus came to earth and died on the cross that all people are just automatically saved, but this is not true. He did die for everyone, but each person must come to Him individually and accept that Jesus is the Son of God; that He came to earth to be the sacrificial Lamb of God and that on the cross He bore our sins and paid the punishment for them so we wouldn’t have to; that He died and rose and is alive forevermore. Continue reading

Don’t Run From God!

4406622384_d72b746bc9_mThe true test of our faith and trust in God comes when we are faced with situations and circumstances that are beyond our ability to control. They may be health issues, financial anxiety, the inability to be social or work within relationships, emotional depression and stress, or the death of a loved one. While some of these issues begin as little problems and grow into overwhelming challenges, others can be unexpected attacks that come out of left field and knock us down. Regardless, many Christians impulsively turn to the world for help and run from God. Continue reading

When we Glorify Death More Than Life

imagesI read this very recent article by Franklin Graham and the urgency of the message has jumped out at me, so I am sharing it with you.  Hollywood is getting rich from creating movies and television shows that glorify death. It turns death into entertainment that excites people and literally pulls them away from God. It’s obvious that the return of Christ is very near when so many people are captivated with evil rather than with good. They need Christ and they need to repent and turn away from this fixation. They need to see that the horror Hollywood portrays – even as ugly and hideous as it makes it look – is nothing in comparison to the reality of the punishment that unbelievers will receive when they face God on Judgment Day. Continue reading

Who do you follow, Jesus or Someone Who Proclaims to Know Him?

cropped-1782074_580723188685646_1694381398_n.jpgChoosing to be a Christian is the most significant and valuable decision that a person will ever make in his or her lifetime. There are a million different crossroads in life that bring people to this decision, and unfortunately, just as many false doctrines that will lead them away.  If we are going to make it to Heaven then we need to know from the onset who we will follow and who we will serve: Jesus or someone who proclaims to know Him. Continue reading